Monday, 11 February 2008


Well Ian Dowie has another opportunity to show his great bouncebackability after being sacked by Coventry this morning. I see that his brother has also been shown the door. I don't have a brother, but if I did it would be great if I could find employers that would employ us both on substantial salaries with long term contracts that ensure compensation if they sack us for being rubbish at the job.

Now I have to confess to having a little sympathy for Dowie (not much though). He was offered the Charlton job, took it, spent the money (transfer fees) he was given and almost certainly did his best. I don't actually believe that he knew (or even suspected) that he was not up to the job. He probably still believes that he was turning things around and that had he stayed he would have kept us up. There are some Charlton Blog authors that have expressed that belief themselves. However, I am disapointed that he didn't survive as I really wanted to see Coventry relegated at The Valley in May with Dowie in the 'Away' dug out.

I think it's every fan's right to want the worst for any former player/manager. This isn't something that I normally get involved with. I am in the camp that likes to reccognise our former players when they come back to The Valley. Kiely and Lisbie being great examples. However, I believe that we were unfairly criticised by Dowie's pundit friends when he was sacked from Charlton, and I think that this decision by Coventry, right or wrong, goes someway to justify our own actions. Not that I expect to hear Lineker take back his criticisms any time soon.

This subject has been covered to excess elsewhere, so I won't re-open it, but it is beginning to look like Dowie was a little lucky to get Palace promoted - all be it via the play offs - and it does beg the question "Just where is his level?" or "Can he manage at all?" He clearly didn't shine in the Premiership, Coventry were a top flight club for years until they came down in 2001, so one could make the argument that he has failed miserably there. Maybe it's time for a change at the New Den? We can only hope...


Chicago Addick said...

I thought Cov was his level and he has produced some good results for them, and kept them up last year. Think he has been slightly unlucky and suffered from all of the ownership & debt issues.

Good line about his brother though.

KENT YID said...

That made me chuckle a bit. I know how much you love your old boys revisiting the Valley, indeed I have particular fond memories of being in the Jimmy Seed stand listening to your 'welcome back' to Jermain Defoe a few seasons ago. A big cheer to the big hearted Addicks!