Saturday, 27 September 2008

Next... Sheffield Wednesday at home

It's a big (no huge) day in the Kings Hill household today. Since 1980 there have been two generations of Charlton Supporters in my family - my Dad and me. As from today there will be three.

My son who is probably a little young to become hooked immediately (4 years and 140 days - well they do it for footballers why not fans) is coming to his first game at The Valley. Well, it's been a month to the day since he started school and if he has to tolerate the hum drum of getting up early five days a week why shouldn't he get to enjoy the finer things in life.

With this in mind I have little (relatively) interest in today's match. All I ask for is a sunny warm day (looking good), an exciting game, some goals, and a win. As my Dad and I have racked up literally thousands of games between us I think that what I am asking for is the least that we deserve.

Today Pardew can pick any team he likes, play any formation he likes just as long as we see an exciting game with goals and us scoring most of them. I'm tempted to ask for a repeat of last seasons result against Wednesday, but as my son is likely to get bored and want to leave maybe we'd better get the first two or three goals just in case.

So, all I want is an exciting game with us three up in the first ten minutes. Come on Pardew, you took the Hammers to an FA Cup Final, surely you can conjure up three early goals for a little boy who is probably going to throw literally thousands of pounds at the club in the next seventy years?

Oh, and just one other little request, could the Covered End Choir keep the swearing down a bit today as his Mum is coming and doesn't really understand the need to discuss the referees sexual preferences, or his lack of a partner, when he gets it wrong.

I suddenly feel as though I have been waiting for decades to plagiarise that immortal line I heard when I was a boy. "This, son, is The Valley. The home of football".

Up the Addicks!


newyorkaddick said...

Good luck - let us know how it went.

Compo's welly said...

I'd also be interested in how today went as I have a grandson who was 4 in May & started school this Sept.His Mum used to be a Junior Red & was a season ticket holder until she met his Dad !
We're hoping to bring him along to a match soon but worried he won't have the staying power we old 'uns have.....