Friday, 31 October 2008

Next... Barnsley at home

With normal work and family commitments I find it difficult to post before and after midweek games, and Ipswich are one of those sides that I quite like. Thus I have no exceptional passion to say anything about them.

So I have had nothing to say about what I would describe as a very good draw away from home - how much a draw there last season might have changed where we are now - despite the descriptions I have read about how terrible we were.

So Barnsley at home, and a new look to my blog. I am more than willing to confirm that I have literally stolen both the idea from New York Addick, and indeed the image.

In a strange way I am looking forward to this game more than usual. All the 'must wins' last season were, by comparison not must wins at all. It is strange that as a race humankind have significantly less determination to take something than they have to keep something we already have. I know that "The grass is always greener", but we are much more aggressive in defending our territory than we are in taking someone else's. History is littered with such examples.

However sad it was being relegated from the Premier League it was recognised that we were probably punching above our weight, but to lose our status as a Tier 2 club is just to horrendous a thought to contemplate. For that reason tomorrow's game is a little bit massive in terms of the conclusion.

I know we could win tomorrow and still be relegated, just like we could, technically, lose tomorrow and still be promoted come May, but tomorrow is definitely a category 'A' must win.

I have little confidence in Pardew's ability to surprise me with the starting eleven as it has got to the point where nothing is a surprise any more. I am also starting to doubt that we have as much quality as I believed at the start of the season. I did say back in the summer that I would keep off Pardew's back until at least Christmas, and despite a willingness to stick to that, the truth is that I no longer have the energy and/or the enthusiasm for the debate. The football has become uninspiring; the Manager's press conferences have become uninspiring; the opposition are uninspiring; the economic situation the club is in is uninspiring; and the clocks have gone back ensuring that for the next few months it will be dark by the full time whistle blows.

All this has had an effect on others as well as me. The frequency of the blogs in general has reduced as people are finding it hard to have anything new to say about a great club that is, clearly, in decline.

However, tomorrow is a massive, six-pointer, bottom of the table, must win clash. I am probably as excited about the prospect of the tension and nerves as I have been at a Charlton game for a long time. I actually believe that we will start well and be in front early and, following two games where we have come back from behind to secure a point, go on to win comfortably. This is, after all, a must win (certainly a mustn't lose) game for Barnsley too.

What ever the score tomorrow I will continue to be disillusioned with our season, yet I will also continue to come back for more punishment.

Up the Addicks!


Daggs said...

And just to help us on our cheery way, the forecast is for howling wind and pouring rain. Marvelous, chuffin' marvelous.

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