Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Bristol City 2 - 1 Charlton

What do you say after seeing a win followed by two more defeats? Not only that, but we have managed to lose a winning lead at half time in both games.

That does point to the manager's half time team talk to some extent, but I guess it is just a confidence issue. The players must have virtually none at all right now. I think the Palace game was a one off in that the pressure of our league position was removed by the importance of the derby itself.

Now we seem to be falling further and further behind with each game. Even when we beat Palace, all (or most of) the other teams won too, so we just didn't fall any further behind.

You know when you go to a game you really want to win and score early? You feel like the game can end now (after you score) and you can take the win and go home. Right now I'd accept it if the league offered us the season to end now and we have a good break before next season.

I know that is a silly thing to say, and we can still get out of it (mathematically), but it is just getting more and more embarrassing each week.

Sadly I don't have anything more encouraging to say, and am trying not to be too negative.

Next up we have two home games back to back. Hopefully we can provide something for the fans to cheer about, and start building up the fans inclination to renew season tickets. At this point I'm not sure we have anything else to, realistically, hope for.

Up the Addicks!

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Anonymous said...

Agreed. Watching the last two results come through on the web whilst working abroad has been all too depressingly familiar.

Back home for the Plymouth game but really just want to check on the progress of our younger players who should surely now be given a chance. How we have come to be in a position of only 2 centre halves at the club with no real reserve is baffling - especially when you see those not deemed good enough (Turner and others) plying their trade week in and out at much better clubs than ours.

It is depressing and is unlikely to get any better until August anticipation kicks in. Still, derby away anyone for a last Hurrah!?