Monday, 30 November 2009

Next... Brighton away

After two wins and a draw in our last three games, scoring eleven goals and the draw being ten against eleven for more than an hour I'm going to Brighton tomorrow full of confidence.

I'm not one for superstitions, but it does always seem to surprise me that when my Dad goes away we go on to record some great results. He is back today and coming to Brighton tomorrow.

The MK Dons game was a bit of a spanking, but at 1-0 down we made a clearance on the line just minutes before equalising. Against Bristol Rovers we looked home and dry and in total control at 2-0 up but went on to throw the lead away before coming back to win by two clear goals. What this demonstrates is what makes football such a fantastic spectator sport. Despite there being a trend for the best team to win most of the time there is always the possibility that something unexpected can happen.

If you look at form table (last six games) we are 5th and Brighton are 23rd. I know you shouldn't read results from a table, but to be fair if you are in 2nd place after 18 games you can assume that you are better than the team in 20th place. Thus both on the season in total and the last six games we should be able to beat Brighton home or away. We have also demonstrated that we are able to cope with bad weather conditions with both the MK Dons and Yeovil games. The omens look good.

The biggest worry is that with five players one booking away from a suspension we could be a little hesitant in the tackle, but as the likelihood is that these players are going to pick up that fifth yellow at some point the issue should be when, not if, and as such they should be confident to put their foot in where necessary. Also one of those players in McLeod, who I don't expect to see start, and frankly don't expect to see again if we get our way in January.

I have never been to Brighton away, but I have been to Brighton many times. Normally I go to see clients or I go in the summer (on nice days). The former doesn't require spending much time outside, and the latter is on days when you'd like to spend time outside. I have a feeling tomorrow could be a little different. The iPhone weather suggests cloudy tomorrow without rain. I hope it's right as the feeling among the Charlton fans right now seems to be that we are going to get very wet.

I am looking forward to seeing my Dad again as he's been away for about a month, and going to football on my own is just not the same. I'd love for us to score a hat full of goals, as he's missed the MK Dons six and the Bristol Rovers four, but to be honest I'd take a 1-0. Despite that I am going to go for a 3-1 win. I think, based on recent results and their league position, we will have too much for Brighton.

Up the Addicks!

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