Friday, 8 January 2010

Winter Break

Well, we've been hearing about this for a few years now and suddenly the football clubs have got what they wanted.

It will be interesting to see just what the mouth pieces of Man Utd, Chelsea and Arsenal will have to say about it when they end up having to play Champions League and Premier League games at the rate of two a week for six weeks.

This break has, however, been a bit of a blessing for us. True it would have been better had we not allowed Norwich to play a game when we didn't, but they had to play their game in hand at some point, and if there is any added pressure with being in the top two then let them have it for a few weeks. With both our full backs out with injuries, and with Christian Dailly suffering from some illness it means that we should have a better squad of fit players to pick from when the games are rearranged. Frankly it doesn't matter where we are in the league until the final game is played, so anything that gives us a better chance of winning a game is ok by me.

It also reduces the number of games that Norwich can play before the end of January. I have no idea if they are actually going to sell any of their stars this month (one of their Directors says they aren't - but he would say wouldn't he) but on the off chance that they are the more games they can hold over the better as far as I'm concerned.

I am a little worried about Colchester suddenly. They look like keeping hold of Lisbie, and from what I read they have money to spend. They have been on a great run since October, and with another player or two they could be a real challenge to us.

There has been little happening since it started snowing, but we are now a week into January and we don't seem to have made much progress on bringing in any players. Akpo Sodje seems to have gone back to Sheffield Wednesday, Mooney (who I think made a big difference when he came into the first team) has gone back to Reading injured. McLeod looks to be in discussions with Peterborough, but as there is some negotiating to be done I can only assume that they want him on loan for a proportion of his wages until the end of the season and then they can send him back if he turns out to be as good for them and he has been for us.

On the subject of injuries, is it only me or do we keep being told that so and so will be out for a few days or a week and then he disappears for weeks on end. Richardson was going to miss a couple of games, and hasn't been fully fit since he failed to finish the game at Gillingham on 24th October. Youga was going to be out for ten days or so, that was on the 24th November.

I don't know if the club guess (and get it wrong) or they mislead the fans or the opposition, but it is a little frustrating when they get it so wrong - especially when they are players that we need and want to see in the side. No disrespect to Basey or Omozusi, but I'd much rather see Richardson and Youga in the starting eleven.

With tickets for Wycombe already bought I hope that we get to play that one, but I guess the weather will decide that - something else that rarely seems to go as we are promised by the 'experts'.

Up the Addicks!

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Wyn Grant said...

Interesting post, but no doubt if Norwich play today and win someone will blame Parky and the board for failing to get our match on. Wycombe must be a big doubt.