Sunday, 21 March 2010

Charlton 2 - 2 Gillingham

Well, at least we didn't lose. That would have been really embarrassing - at least for me.

The game was a little more exciting that in recent weeks, although I suspect that could have been down to nothing more than a decent away showing. I know it's not far to go, and we are a big draw, but close to 3,000 away fans for what is essentially a fourth division side is not at all bad.

Parkinson decided to go with 4-4-2 again, and we conceded two goals again. Sadly, when Burton went off we could hardly switch to 4-5-1 so the die was cast. I am not going to write a full report as I have completely lost enthusiasm in all things Charlton right now. All I will say is that I would have bet my mortgage on us not scoring two goals in the second half with Mooney and Sodje up front, even against a side that hadn't won away all season. Clearly my mortgage was safe.

One note to the attitude coming from the fans and the players that seems to be developing. I am not going to take sides, but we all have friends that have had relationships break down and from a distance you can see how they both seem to continually rub each other up the wrong way while what was a loving relationship deteriorates into at best indifference and at worst hatred.

As I say, I'm not going to take sides, but I'm assuming that Mooney earns quite a lot of money to play football. I take on board what Parkinson has said about his inexperience at this level, but he needs to realise that after a few less than fantastic performances running the length of the pitch cupping his ear after scoring will not endear himself to those that are ultimately paying his wages. For heaven's sack grow up man, you're not playing for the under eleven's now. Frankly after a stunt like that I would be more than happy to send him back to Reading today!

Parkinson's comments can be construed in different ways. He is showing his passion by speaking out. He is also showing that the pressure is getting to him. Sadly, however, there are those that will want to take objection to his 'excuses' when it suggests that we should be lucky to have him, and we should learn to be more grateful. After a drubbing at our local neighbours and a draw at home to another local side who's away record reads won 0, drawn 5, lost 13 he should probably have avoided picking a fight with the fans.

On the fans, there has been some booing. I don't boo, as I've said many times before, but I am not at all happy with what I have been seeing. It has been obvious for a long time that a switch of formation is worth a try. There has been a suggestion by a well known club employee, and fan, that Parkinson dare not switch back to 4-5-1 with Burton and Shelvey as he has lumbered himself with Sodje (A) and Mooney by insisting that we need them when the club can't afford them. To not play either of them now could raise some difficult questions for him to answer.

Irrespective as to how we have got here it is clear that (at least some of) the fans are fed up with Parkinson and a number of the players. There is clearly some resentment from Parkinson to (some of) the fans and at least Mooney, and probably some of the other players, share his resentment. We have nine games to go and we all seem to be falling over ourselves to pick fights with each other.

What a fucking mess!

Up the Addicks!


Kim Lewis said...

Your last but one sentence sums it up really.

Parky is losing the plot, just like Pards. I can't warm to him, but wouldn't go as far to boo him. He just stands there on the touchline, hardly animated, and looking like he doesn't want to be there anyway and after his after match comments yesterday, probably not for much longer!

steveb said...

Sorry Kings Hill, but your post & Kim's comment probably go some way to explaining both Mooney's & Parkinsons reactions.

Clubs don't loan their best strikers out, so you only get fringe players or those who have been out injured. You hope they will find some form with you or at least add something to the Team. While he doesn't have a great physical presence, Mooney is the most mobile & intelligent forward we have. He creates space for other players & takes up very good positions. Fans took a dislike to him from day 1 & yet they tolerate Sodje who moves like a supertanker & thinks just as slowly. I bet I know who the players would rather have in the Team.

As for Kim's comment, I've never understood this view that to be a good manager you must be animated on the touchline. If that was the case, Curbishly wouldn't have lasted 5 minutes & Barry Fry would be manager of England !

Kings Hill Addick said...

Steve, I don't disagree with what you say. I was actually looking to point out, without taking a side, that there is a culture of finger pointing and a feeling of anger growing on both sides.

Mooney's reaction on scoring was unprofessional and he could have used that as an opportunity to win over some of the doubting fans. Instead I believe he missed the opportunity.

Sadly the atmosphere at The Valley is now the least supportive of the team since we returned in 1992. This is going to make it much harder for us moving forward. I don't care who's fault it is, maybe it is mine, but ultimately we are all losers, all except the players that will simply move on, or go back to their respective clubs and never look back.

LenGlover said...

Mooney was booed when his name was read out before he had even kicked a ball in anger!

I don't blame him at all for his reaction and frankly I'm more ashamed of some of our so called fans than Mooney.

He is no world beater but he doesn't hide and gives his all for 90 minutes unlike "he who can do no wrong" Racon for example.

Kicking the dugout like a petulant schoolgirl when substituted is "passion" I suppose whilst giving a bit back to those who demean you before you start a game is wrong.

I seriously wonder about some of our fans.

Kings Hill Addick said...


I didn't hear Mooney being booed before the game. Nor was I aware of it when I wrote this post.

However, I still think that his actions were irresponsible. If he is going to play well, are dare I say it score, in each of the next eight games then great. If he is going to have a bad game then I think his actions will only make him more of a target.

I don't agree with the booing - I wish it would stop. I realise that support is always better, but had he run to the area where the booers had been, and celebrated 'with' them rather than taunting them, I think it would have earned him a bit more support moving forward.

As I tried to get across, I'm not backing one side or the other, I'm just concerned with the animosity that seems to be building up between the fans and the playing staff, (including Parkinson). One of our strengths in the past has been the bond with fans and the club (players, manager and board). That strength seems to be non-existent right now and that is why I think it’s such a mess.