Monday, 31 May 2010

Season Ticket renewal

Well, as expected I renewed my season ticket on Friday. I don't think there was really any doubt that I would do so, despite suggestions to the contrary. I believe that I would have switched to paying on a match by match basis had the club sold my seat to someone else, but in the end the club, both sensibly and predictably, failed to sell current season ticket holders seats.

In fact, when I called the club they told me that I probably had a couple of weeks to renew before there was any risk if the seat being sold. I suspect that what they intended to do was hold off until swap week that was due to start on 19th June.

Anyway, either way we have renewed (My Dad and I) and, strangely, I am now getting excited about next season. For reasons I'll discuss later I believe that we will keep most of our current squad for next season, so I think we stand a very good chance of being in a chase for promotion.

Either way we'll be there. It's our 22nd year as season ticket holders.

Up the Addicks!

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