Thursday, 3 June 2010

Replica Kit

At 39 I'm way too old to go over to the park with friends to play football. In all honestly I didn't do all that much of it when I was young enough, but that's hardly the point.

These days (save for this last season) I only tend to wear my replica shirts at games, when watching on the tele and on holiday. I know there has been some debate about why one would want to wear their club shirt abroad, but I've always liked doing it, and probably always will.

So, when one of the three main reasons for owning a replica shirt involves having it for your summer holiday I just cannot see why the club keep bringing them out at the end of the summer. Maybe there will be a slightly earlier release date this year, but as I understand it the design will be a secret until July. I accept that most schools break up in late July but it often doesn't hit the shop until later than the 'preview' date.

Also, for the record my son broke up on 26th June last year and this year it's 2nd July so chances are he will be on holiday long before I can buy eith of us a shirt.

Last year I liked the home shirt, and under different circumstances I would have bought one. However it was a little obvious, to me if no one else, that it would only last for one season. It hit the club shop on early September, which meant that it would not be the 'current' shirt for any summer that one could own it. The other consideration was that if it was for one season only it's use was limited to nine months. I know that the girls in Sex in the City change their wardrobe that often, but for me I really demand more value for money with the clothes I buy.

The fact that we have had significantly more that one shirt every two seasons in the last decade is probably due to circumstances beyond the club's control, but not having a shirt out early this summer when we are apparently in so much trouble is just amazing.

As I didn't bother with either of Charlton shirts this season, and as it's a World Cup summer I've got both the current England shirts. If the Charlton shirt had been available by now I'd have bought it. Now I'm likely to but the home shirt when the season starts, assuming it is available by then, and the away shirt may well be passed on (for the second season running).

I just don't understand it. The sponsors haven't changed this summer and even though the manufacturer has as it was announced months ago I can't believe they haven't got a shirt chosen yet. This will be made even more obvious if our strip next season look remarkably like one of Macron's stock shirts.

Out of interest both Chelsea and Liverpool had their new kit in the shops early May and already I have seen loads of them in shopping centres and Parks.

So, come on, let's have a look at the shirt on the website, and let's get it in the shop. The sooner we can sell it the sooner we can get the money in!

For a little fun, one of the members of Charlton Life has made a few mock-ups of shirts. It is well worth a look.

Up the Addicks!

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Marco. said...

Strangely, we managed to be wearing a 'new' shirt, with a new sponsor, (MESH), by the end of May in 1998.
If we'd have made it to the play off final this time do you think a new shirt would have arrived any quicker?
I don't really want a shirt myself but I know many people do.
I can't understand the delay, especially as you say, every penny counts just now.