Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Comments and Spam - Not Charlton related

Anyone that has ever written a blog will understand how gratifying it is to receive comments. Sadly I normally only receive comments when I have written a controversial, or negative post. This suggests that people do not like what I have written, and often that is the case, but I suspect that the controversial and negative posts are the ones that are written after an event that makes us all emotional. With that in mind I suspect that those writing the comments are doing so as they feel emotional enough to 'have their say. Certainly I add more comments to other football blogs when I feel like that.

However I have recently been the beneficiary of a significant increase in comments from various helpful retailers offering to sell me all sorts of products and services. I have no idea how so many of these helpful souls deduced that I (or my readers) would benefit from a penis enlargement and then some Viagra to maximise the benefit of such an enlargement, and time the effectiveness of the Viagra on a new watch that looks just like a real Rolex, but I decided not to share those comments.

For the record I did not do so in an attempt to keep all the Viagra and the Rolex watches (well you'd not know the difference unless you had eyes)  to myself, while siting in the waiting room for my 'minor' to 'major' surgery. No, I just decided that Kings Hill Addick was not in a position to endorse these products at this time. *

The solution to this influx of helpful retail contacts is to 'moderate' all comments and 'mark as spam' those that are not Charlton related (like this post in fact) but they became just too numerous. This did beg the question, "Just how many penis engagements can one need?" but I'm getting side tracked. This had now become a nuisance, so I've decided to follow my peers and add a word verification that should reduce the numbers of 'offers' comments I have to reject.

I am conscious, however, that this increases the effort for people to leave comments, and despite it being a huge boost to my blogging ego when I receive them I have decided to risk it by taking this route. I would ask that if you were going to leave a comment, please do go to the little extra effort as your comments are important to me and are greatly appreciated.

Up The Addicks!

* If you would like a penis enlargement, some Viagra or a watch that looks just like a Rolex, please leave a comment below. I will not help you with supplying your need, but it will provide a good laugh to all those that visit after you did.


Anonymous said...

I know you said that you would not be willing to help with my needs, but I would be grateful if you could let just one of the penis enlargement and one of the Viagra comments slip through.

Thanks in Advance,

Mr A Pardew

Floyd said...

Dear Mr A Pardew.

I am afraid you are not able to avail yourself of this offer. Instead I am referring you to our local self help group. You will find that this meets in the Bromley region of our catchment area. There you will be able to meet likeminded and similarly needy folks.

The self help group go through a simple process whereby they lay their souls bare, with an all in group session we see to it that your ego is massaged as required until you reach your full potential.

Now you of all people should be able to ascertain when enough is enough. Upon reaching such a state you will be released back into the community at large.

I trust that you find this faccility of great assistance and that you are able to rejoin the community with an ability to provide ongoing services to others with similar needs.

With best regards.

ChicagoAddick said...

Dear Kings.

I would be very interested in a bright shiny gold 'Rolex.' I am considering making one of my senior staff redundant and it would make a fine leaving present.

Kind regards
Mr R Murray.