Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Brentford 0 - 0 Charlton

It's strange how many Charlton fans rubbished Jose Mourinho's comments after we won there on penalties in the League Cup a few years ago (it seems like a lot more than a few now) but I still consider last night's game as a draw.

If it had been a league game I would have been perfectly happy with a clean sheet and a point away to the other 'form' side in our division.

In the end it is a cup game and no official draw is allowed so you progress or you don't and we didn't.

I was quite excited about the JPT as I thought it offered us a realistic opportunity to play at Wembley again, something that might not happen any other way during my lifetime (not to mention my Dad's who is clearly older than me), but in the end I suspect that even this round has cost us points in the only competition that really matters.

I have no idea if we would have won on Sunday if we'd not had the distraction of this game hanging over us. even last night we were just a one game away from a two legged tie that would have sent us to Wembley. This could well have had an impact on some of our players as it is unlikely they would have even dreamt about sitting their grandchildren down to tell them the story about how they were lucky enough to be in the side that beat Walsall at The Valley on a Sunday in 2010.

In actual fact my enthusiasm for this competition completely dwindled about three weeks ago when I realised that the Final was taking place while I was going to be in the air flying to Orlando to take my six year old to Disney World and the other attractions that are on offer there. I have arranged, and re-arranged, many social events over the years, but there was no way this was going to be avoided. Thus I wouldn't have known about the result until four hours after the game finished - and would have missed out on the big day out.

I was still, honestly, hoping that we would get there as it is good financially and it is a good day out for other Charlton fans, but I was hardly devastated. It was hardly the same as the playoff semi-final defeat in May. to be honest, after a second successive missile throwing event by our fans I'm not sure I'm all that bothered about all Charlton fans missing out either.

I know we need all the fans we can get (well their money anyway) but I really am happy to do without those that throw missiles. While I'm on the subject those that insist on singing the word c**t can stop coming too. Ah, and that stupid incest song. The thing is if I was uneducated, unintelligent and uncivilised I would go out of my way to keep it to myself. These people seem to be pleased to advertise that they are are the lowest members of society. normally I am reluctant to criticise people on here for fear of a backlash, but I'm confident that those I'm talking about can't actually read so I have little to worry about.

Anyway, back to the game last night. It was hardly a classic, but I don't think we were particularly lucky, and we did keep a clean sheet against a team that has been in good form, and it was away. Also, let's not forget that we lost there 2-0 in the league a few weeks ago (our last away defeat).

I am, therefore, pleased with the result, not disappointed with the performance, and very excited about what we saw from Carl Jenkinson. He looks a real prospect, which is good as Francis is a real liability (on occasion) and Solly is unreliabile (can't seem to be fit enough to play when needed).

The fact that I wasn't going to the Final in any event means that I have't lost out on a day out at Wembley, and we have avoided two more midweek games on the hard pitches that winter provides.

Not exactly what we were hoping or, but a lot better than Walsall, and it gives me a little hope that maybe, just maybe, we might be able to claw enough results together this season to make it a success - maybe.

Up the Addicks!


Marco. said...

I was pretty miserable for much of last night.
Many of our fans were up for a good time, bouncing and singing which I have no problem with.

What I do have a problem with is being surrounded by scrotes who probably aren't legally old enough to buy a drink in a pub who are screaming abuse at stewards, smoking, drinking from cans, throwing stuff at the pitch, starting racist chants, ( we've started on the anti Jewish ones already in preparation for Spurs) and using the c word in general but sometimes up to 3 or 4 times in one sentence.
All of those people would say they are Charlton.
In the same way I went on a march with a million other people saying the invasion of Iraq was 'Not in my Name', I'd like to advertise that these people are nothing to do with me.
All clubs need newcomers and telling these idiots I was following Charlton when they were still filling their nappies means nothing to them.
They are the future.
What I will say is I seriously considered leaving at half time last night.
Not for football reasons but because I couldn't tolerate (some) other Charlton fans.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with both of you and is the main reason I very rarely attend away games as you just don't know what's going to be sitting around you.
At least where my son and I sit in the Lower West Stand you don't hear loads of nasty abuse aimed at the players or officials, most of it is fairly amusing banter.
My son bought our tickets for the Spurs game today, now just dreading what sort of morons will be sitting with us. Fingers crossed for decent support and a game to match

Anonymous said...

I also agree. There is nothing more soul destroying than being amongst a group of people that claim to be 'Charlton' but represent everything I hate.

I am sure there will be enough fair minded Charlton fans at Spurs on December 9th to ensure any racist chanting or comments can be booed and shouted down before our proud reputation of tolerance is called into question.

Anonymous said...

I think you need to put this into perspective, the people you criticize are the same people that generate some sort of atmosphere away from home which I think shows in our better away performances, whilst at the Valley unless we're winning all you can hear is people moaning which has a negative effect on the team. The Charlton away following has always been pretty poor & if it takes a few youngsters to get the crowd going then please let them...yeah there is swearing but not anymore than any other club!