Monday, 10 January 2011

nPower Home Team Heroes

During it's long history the Football League has been sponsored by several different companies. the FA and the Premier League also have several deals with official sponsors, with drinks suppliers, and I think they even have an official nut based chocolate sponsor.

Since the Premier League was formed the Football League has had a number of sponsors, including Coca-Cola and Nationwide, both household brands that needed little introduction to the public yet wanted to increase their prominence.

This season the football League is sponsored y nPower. As well as providing funds to the Football League they also offer a £45 voucher to be spent in the club shop for any football fan that switches from their current energy provider to nPower, you can do this here.

nPower are also working with the 72 Football League clubs with the community programme called Home Team Heroes. The goal is to help children in the home towns of the clubs. More details can be found here.

I have no personal or commercial relationship with nPower, but if they are funding Charlton and projects in the local area then I applaud them. Not only because we are a community club, but also as anything that benefits children, as a parent myself, is always welcome.

In order to increase awareness of the Home Team Heroes campaign nPower are making available a limited number of complimentary tickets for Football League matches. To that end I have been asked to offer four pairs of tickets for the Charlton v Plymouth game on 22 January and two pairs of tickets for Charlton v Colchester game on 2 February.

If you would be interested in either of these games them please email your name and phone number to

Up the Addicks!

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