Saturday, 20 August 2011

Next... Scunthorpe at home

Following on from a terrific display at Colchester (my Dad and I were there) we entertain one of last season's relegated teams that have made a stuttering start to the season. I have no idea how they will fare as the season unfolds, but I think we are meeting them at a good time - for us.

There are some similarities between us and Scunthorpe in that Atkins achieved so much with them and since he's left they seem to have been in free fall. Maybe they will be strong contenders this season, but 29-1 to win the division, the bookies clearly don't fancy them all that much.

Anyway, as it's already Saturday morning I'm not going to write a full match preview just add some observations following last Tuesday's win in Essex.

I was not terribly keen for Parkinson to be given the job when we were in the Championship; I was not all that sure that he was the man to get us out of this division in the summer of 2009, however I think he managed to get a lot out of a limited squad in 2009/10 and last season he kept us in the playoff places with a side that was put together on a shoestring budget (I'm refusing to include the wages that someone else agreed to pay his players before he took over).

Despite my lack of enthusiasm in giving Parkinson the job he did manage to secure wins and pick up points by grinding out results. This was unattractive and never seemed convincing, but it did seem to work. This season it is different. To be fair Powell has been given the chance to build the squad he wanted, something that Parkinson never had.

The change is staggering. We were well worth our win on Tuesday, and we were well worth our win against Bournemouth. I can't remember the last time I saw us win two games back to back and deserve to win them both. Seriously, I really can't remember!

Two seasons ago we won six straight at the start of the season, but that included four that I went to (the home games and Orient away) and of those four we were only convincing in the first half agaist Wycombe and we managed to concede two goals after being three in front to make for a tense ending to the game. Thus we are looking better, relative to the opposition, than we did two years ago. That is the most pleasing aspect of the start we are watching - we actually look like we are better than the opposition.

Clearly it's early days, but you can only beat what's in front of you, and at the moment I'm feeling very optimistic about the season.

Up the Addicks!

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CAFCJohn said...

I went to a couple of preseason games and Bournemouth, and read all reports of the games I've missed. I agree with you about the start we've made. There's a whole different atmosphere about the club. Like a cloud has been lifted. I just hope this new optimism filters through to those who have not been coming to the valley in recent times, and attendances grow.