Thursday, 5 January 2012

Yeovil 2 - 3 Charlton

Never would I have imagined that we would have been 8 points clear of the second placed team after Boxing Day!

In fact, if you'd offered me this in August I would have said no as I would have been sure that it was some kind of trick and that when I realised out the gag I wouldn't have been able to get out if it.

Back in May 2010 we were, for a period of, I believe, twenty minutes, in second place on the last day of the season. The end result was that we fell down to 4th and lost in the Playoffs. It just goes to show how much things can change as at one point yesterday afternoon we were losing 2-1 and Sheffield Wednesday were winning at Walsall and our gap, that we'd worked so, so hard to build was going to be less than you can overturn in one game.

I announced to my Dad when we let in the second goal that I'd take a draw if Wednesday also drew. I never imagined, for a second, that that last five minutes of the games would see such a swing. I sent another text to my Dad after the game to suggest that this could be the day that we won the title. I know that sounds a little premature, but eight points is four straight wins while we draw four, or three straight wins while we lose fee on the bounce.

Sure Wednesday, along with half a dozen others, are able to string together four or five wins on the trot, but I can't see us going four games on the trot without a win to the end of the season, and even if we did that it would have to coincide with a run that matches as soon as any of those sides have managed all season.

You also need to take into account that fact we have performed well against the top sides (from memory - two wins and two draws against the other four sides in the top five) and they will be playing each other every few weeks which will, obviously, cost at least one of them points.

I really thought that Sheffield Wednesday were going to be our biggest challengers after Huddersfield lost to Bournemouth, but with they, literally, throwing away a win at home to the invincibles, and then conceding two goals in injury time at Walsall they have failed to make up any ground while we drew two games that I would have fancied us to win before kick off.

I have no interest in looking (well I do, but I'm writing this in the car with no interest access) but I'd be surprised if there are many examples of a team throwing away an eight point lest with half the season to go, and let's remember that we are in front because we are, in actual fact, the best team in the division.

I know that comes across as arrogant, but we are not one point in front after the games. No, we are eight points ahead after 22 games, and the teams below us have not had a bad half season either, in terms of points total. I mean Huddersfield are the best team that has ever played football in England since football was invented, and we are nine points above them.

I just had to check the league table for that stat and I discovered that Sheff Utd have gone second and are now only seven points behind us - all of the above still applies though, it's just one point different.

Anyway, after what looked like being a bad day we all got what we, most, wanted for Christmas.

Up the Addicks!


Hungry Ted said...

Totally agree!

ChicagoAddick said...

If I'm living in the future. Are you living in the past? :-)

Kings Hill Addick said...

Indeed. I wrote this on an app on the iPad, which subsequently crashed. An update for the app came out today so I thought I would share my thoughts as I'd gone to the trouble of writing them.

These iPad apps eh?