Saturday, 23 August 2008

Charlton 4 - 2 Reading

I have to admit to having a reputation for being a bit dramatic, and chances are it's a fair cop. However even bearing that in mind, I'm happy to go on record as saying that Nicky Bailey is the answer. He didn't win Man of the Match on Sky, I've been reliably informed. That honour went to Luke Varney, but for me Nicky Bailey was easily the Man of the Match.

Not to say that Luke Varney had a bad game, as he didn't. Bouazza, another contender, was outstanding and his goal was sublime, and that was not is only significant contribution.

It is very difficult to discuss the performances of the players when all of them seemed to play so well.

I guess that having let in two goals we must have dropped the ball at the back a little. However, despite the decision to show respect to referees this season, I have to say that the chap today was really testing my resolve. NYA, who has the benefit of a tv replay, suggested that Weaver was off his line when the second penalty was taken, but I really don't care. They all do it, and if the goalkeeper saves it that should be it. I can honestly say that I wouldn't have complained had roles been reversed. I'm also not sure that it should have been given in the first place, despite the 'Essex Boys' behind me running into their box and then coming out to announce that it was definitely Fortune that pulled him back. This was, incidentally, after they had discussed Bouazza for ten minutes and decided that he must have been a swap loan for Thomas with 'Pompey'.

So maybe Fortune gave away a penalty, and Mou2 committed the same crime, but that aside we looked magnificent.

I am not going to write a report of the game as there are plenty of others available, and it was on tv, however I will add a few thoughts.

- We played with wingers that made it their business to cross the ball - I'm going to include Mou2 in this as his crossing is as good as any full back I have ever seen

- Lloyd Sam was playing like a winger more than I've ever seem him

- Nicky Bailey

- Bouazza looked looked fantastic. He made Jerome Thomas look like a show pony

- Both strikers scored

- We enjoyed seeing the opposition miss two penalties. I know they scored the second attempt at he second one, but it didn't stop me cheering like made for a few seconds

- Reading were chosen as my favourites to win the division, and we made them look like girls.*

- My confidence in this season has been restored.

It could well be a one off, but for the first time since we sold Scott Parker we look like we can play 4-4-2 with two wingers without worrying about the centre of midfield.

Welcome to The Valley Mr Bailey, please make yourself feel at home and we hope your stay is a long one.

One Nickey Bailey, there's only one........

*No disrespect to girls they can be great at football.


Anonymous said...

Bailey was immense, a real midfield battler. This platform enabled us to play like a real team. Bouazza vs. Thomas no contest mainly because 'The hammer' doesn't cut inside on his right foot and will shoot at goal.

Just hope that we don't get too many injuries because the defence looks threadbare.

Anonymous said...

I watched this game on TV, therefore had the benefit of replays and multiple angles. All the penalty decisions were soft. Though Reading's first was the nearest to a genuine penalty. The decision to allow Hunt to retake his penalty was, as the whole refereeing experience on the day, bizarre.
However the spirit and passion from this new look Charlton team was a joy to watch. Credit to Reading too, they tried to win the game throughout.
At the end i felt how i felt when we thrashed Blackpool at the Valley last season. I'm just hoping this time around, it's not a one-off.
Daggs MOM, Bouazza.