Wednesday, 12 November 2008


I remember when MUFC TV appeared on my Sky TV guide. I was so jealous! I know they are a much bigger club than us, but they had their own tv channel that would show interviews, features, highlights and everything, all day long!

Well, now we have one, and Man Utd's is £6 a month (I think) where as ours is only £35 a year. What's more you can't have a sneaky look at MUFC TV from your office desk, where as you can with our web based 'tv channel'.

So it's all good then?

Well, yes actually. I know it means I have to stump up another £35, and as I would never entertain allowing my Dad to use my password I can't share that cost, but for what you get you'd be mad not to.

Now I'm not saying that the sales people should go and increase the fee, we are in a recession and all that, but when you think I paid £30 to go to Selhurst Park (plus travel etc.) I think this is good value for money.

My only reservation is that should we storm into the Premier League in May I might not have access to much next season, and my annual subscription runs until, strangely enough, 12th November 2009. However, I'm not going to lose much sleep over that as I don't really think that is very likely, and even if it happens, I'll have a free season ticket so I won't care too much. Of course, I'll also have the benefit of watching Charlton in the Premier League, so it's all win, win, win.

Clearly there is not much in the way of interviews on there yet, but then to be fair, they only started five minutes ago. I just can't wait. All this for less than the price of twelve programs.

You just can't go wrong.


Richard Akeno - Pool said...

Profiteering wankers

Anonymous said...

...and your problem is?