Friday, 26 December 2008

Charlton 2 - 2 QPR

After my rant following our defeat at Carrow Road I did some thinking.

Clearly the Charlton fans are split about that the future holds, and about the best way for us to protect it. I have no axe to grind, but I believe, as I did when Pardew left, that we need a new face and a new attitude at the top for us to see any significant change in the fortunes on the pitch.

After today I am convinced that Parkinson is not the answer. For what ever reason the evidence is compelling. We have now lost four and drawn just three of the seven games we have played since he took over. Away from home we have played well and lost once and we have played badly twice. At home we have played well twice and drawn them both (but could have lost one of them) and we have played badly once and then there is today.

The first half today was as inept as I can remember seeing. For their free kick there were at least three people, other than me, that suggested (a nice word under the circumstances) that we should have had a player on the goal line next to the post. It was obvious that we were vulnerable there. Now I have never been a professional footballer, but I'm convinced that it's the job of the management to rehearse set plays. The crime of not 'coaching' the players for that free kick is enough to convince me that we need a new manager.

The rest of the first half did nothing to change my mind.

The second half we were better. We showed, at times, why this squad, with a decent manager, will be able to climb out of trouble. Add ZZ and Racon into the mix and I am confident that we will not be relegated this season. However, I do believe that we need to remove Parkinson and bring in a new face. I would prefer to remove Kinsella from the first team too. In his case it is more to do with wanting to save him from a situation where all the good he did for this club is destroyed by being associated with such a terrible time in the club's fortunes.

There may well be a time for Mark Kinsella, but if it is now he could well end up being remembered in the same was Les Reed is, and that would just be wrong for such a Charlton Legend.

I guess Parkinson will get Sunday's game, but even if we win 5-0 I want him gone. I truly believe that we have enough to get out of trouble, but I also cannot see it all the time there is anything left of the 'Pardew experiment'. Sorry Phil. I'm sure you're a good man, and I'm sure that you love your Mum and everything, but you are not what my club needs. Not right now.

Anyway, as had been said before, I have literally no say in what will happen, but if you've bothered to read this far you are obviously a little bit interested in what I think, and now you know.

As for the game, it was really exciting, but right now the only thing that matters is for us to get a win, and we failed, again. Southampton lost, as did Norwich and Watford, and Doncaster beat Forrest to leave us one win from 4th. This is the best news we could have had. Despite the fact that we are one game from equalling our worst run ever, we are still (potentially) only game from leaving the relegation zone.

Forrest, who have spent two seasons in tier three and are above us have sacked their manager and his number two this evening. Thus the chase is on. I believe that at least one of us will be relegated in May. The outcome of their new management recruitment and out 'strategic review' may well determine which one of us will get out of trouble (if either of us do).

I'd take a draw at Bramall Lane, but I expect us to lose. That is another potential three points. If I were Richard Murray (or whom ever makes the decisions now) I'd make my New Years resolution to be finding a new manager.

Up the Addicks!


Anonymous said...

King's Hill
You are wasting your time
Phil is staying , he always was

Anonymous said...

There was enough evidenced against Derby Southampton QPR to suggest Parky can do it.

Get off his back and support the club!

johnny73 said...

I was willing to give Parkinson a chance. I don't tarnish him with the Pardew brush. However you are right this all comes down to winning games. I would have hoped for at least 1 win from 7 games.

So Parkinson should go with 1 provision. The board back any new manager with the resources to stay up.

aitchy said...

Does anyone agree with me and think QPR's first goal was a great free kick, and if it had been taken by Beckham, Robinho etc the pundits would have been raving about it? Putting a player on the line would have made no difference-it was too well placed. The problem was giving the free kick away in a dangerous position.

Kings Hill Addick said...

Anonymous 2,

You seem to suggest that wanting Parkinson to leave and supporting the club are mutually exclusive. They are not. I have always supported the club including the players and the management team. However I just don't think that blind faith is the same as unswerving loyalty. If you think that three points from a possible 21 is good enough then I respect your opinion, I just don't agree with it.


I have to disagree, the ball was floated in. It was well positioned and it was a great kick, but due to the lack of real pace or swerve on the ball it would have been easy to clear it had a player been on the line next to the post, which was the obvious place to put the ball.

In fairness had we had a player there Cook would probably have tried something else. Either way I think we invited him to shoot by leaving a huge part of the goal unprotected.

I do agree with you about giving away free kicks in dangerous positions though.

Anonymous said...

It sounds as though free-kicks have been our undoing again in todays game against Sheff U.
I wonder if 'Anonymous 2' still supports Parky?

KHA do you have the power to force posters to use a name? It would be nice to monitor the consistency or otherwise of those that hide behind 'Anonymous'