Thursday, 18 December 2008

Next... Norwich away

Before we played Derby I said that I thought the best we could hope for was a draw. I thought we played well on the night, compared with the opposition, and we were clearly unlucky not to come away with all three points.

On reflection a draw is better than a defeat, and we never looked like losing that game, something that could clearly not be said of the Coventry game.

Thus I am taking a positive approach to the Norwich game this Saturday. Despite our terrible run with no wins, there have been some performances which would normally merit a better result. Both Plymouth away and Derby at home we conceded very, very late goals and if you add in the 3-2 defeat at Birmingham where Weaver made two errors, both that led to goals, our position could be much better right now. Those six points would put us above Norwich and on that basis a draw on Saturday would be a very satisfying result.

As it is we need a win to guarantee that we are not bottom of the table at Christmas. Clearly with Forrest being just one goal better than us and Doncaster two goals worse a win should be enough, but technically we could win and still find ourselves bottom. Having said that we could lose and still climb above Forrest.

I am not sure what the significance of being bottom at Christmas is, and it shouldn't really matter, but there is something about not wanting to sit down to eat my Turkey knowing that we are the lowest of all the teams in the league.

Norwich are beatable. Despite the fact that we haven't won in 13, and the fact the we drew at home to Southampton then went away to play poorly at Blackpool, I'm going to go for a win. If I'm honest I'm not 100% convinced that we will get one, but just in case there is any truth in the suggestion that if you believe it enough it will happen I'm not taking any chances.

We will win. We will win. We will win.

Up the Addicks!

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