Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Reading 2 - 2 Charlton

Even though I wasn't actually there I remember us playing Notts Forest on the last day of the season in 1989. Chicago Addick was there. What I remember is the Charlton fans singing "We don't care" at 4-0 down as we were safe going into the game - the last of the season in the First Division.

It reminds me of tonight. Some readers will remember that I was a Liverpool fan as a young child. My dad was born and raised in the Charlton catchment area, and was (and is) a life long Addick, but my Mum was born and raised in Liverpool. Since our relegation I have not felt the same feeling of 'wrongness' following Liverpool in the Premier League, and have never felt wrong following them in the Champions League.

This last week I had, what was for me, the last straw from Sky TV. I won't bore Charlton fans with the detail, but I have defected to FreeSat and now have ITV HD. Thus I watched the Liverpool v Real Madrid game in High Definition splendor.. I almost couldn't be bothered to even look for our result. Not that I was worried that it would be bad, but I just don't care.

However, when Liverpool went 2-0 up (3-0 on the night) my interest waned a little and I thought I'd have a little look on my iPhone and see how we were doing. We were 1-0 up. Our first sale of the summer getting yet another goal. Great, well not really, but it's ok.

I was always convinced that we would throw it away, but had a little look at the scores at half time. We were still 1-0 in front. I couldn't help play a little game with myself. How long would the lead last in the second half? Needless to say, despite my negative attitude, even I thought we'd last more than 12 seconds. That's right, twelve seconds. We lasted 12 seconds.

What a great team talk Parky. "Look lads, just keep it tight for the first eleven seconds and then we can come out and play a bit." Oh dear.

I have a confession to make. I have on occasion started to write these blogs before the game actually finishes. Hudson has just equalised in the 83rd minute. It doesn't really change what I've said, but it is (assuming we last until the end) an impressive result. I know that Forest have beaten Reading recently, but a draw there is a decent result. Sadly losing the two 'must-wins' last week makes it a little irrelevant, but at least we didn't get thumped 5-0 or anything.

Overall my evening was satisfying on the football front, Liverpool went through to the Quarter-Final, meaning that I will get to watch another game on ITV HD that has some meaning to me (assuming they don't lose their first league 4-0) and as we are as good as relegated already we didn't have anything to lose.

To cap it all, we didn't even lose at Reading.

Up the Addicks!


Anonymous said...

What? Pull yourself together KHA.

Anonymous said...

You are using indifference as shield from the pain KHA.

I'm trying to do the same myself, but keep thinking ahead to a good run in League 1 that takes us into the play off places and.....

Damn - dropped the shield again.

Pembury Addick