Saturday, 14 March 2009

Wolves 2 - 1 Chalton

Well, what do you know?

"We lost to two very scrappy goals in a game where we deserved something out of it."

"Robbie's [Elliot's] not had a save to make apart from the penalty, which was a dubious decision. I do feel hard done by that I'm sat here and we haven't got at least a point."

If we had a point for every time the Charlton Manager has complained that we didn't actually get what we deserved we would have been promoted last season and we would probably be safe in the Premier League by now. As it is we are thirteen points (and six goals) behind the forth from bottom spot, and Barnsley (third from bottom) are twelve points above us with an eleven goal difference advantage and two games in hand.

I'm not doubting that Parkinson believes that we really should have got something today, but we lost, and saved a penalty. According to Sky Sports website, Wolves had 5 shots on target to our 2, we both had 2 shots off target and they also had 9 corners to our 1. Thus all the stats we can see make it look like we deserved to lose the game.

The only evidence I can find to contradict what the stats suggest is Mr Parkinson himself. Admittedly there is no comment from McCarthy yet, and I have not read anything from any of the Charlton fans that were there, but it has to be said if we did deserve something, why didn't we get anything, again?

Again I didn't follow the match, I decided to reorganise the junk in the loft space. However, I could have accurately predicted the side; I could have accurately predicted the result; and I could have accurately predicted the press conference from the Charlton camp.

I don't know if I'm angry, sad or just plain not bothered. I think what upsets me is that the thing that I cared most about (apart from my family) now rates below which of the items I haven't seen for two years join the 'keep' pile, and which ones join the 'bin it' pile.

Up the Addicks!

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Anonymous said...

Parkinson also thinks he is a football manager whose job is to get the best out of his players - so what he thinks about the result is of little relevance.