Monday, 17 August 2009

Next... Leyton Orient away

They come thick and fast at the start of the season (especially if you include the League Cup games) but they can't come quick enough if you keep winning them.

I don't remember being as excited as this in the early weeks of the since 1988. I missed the opening 'home' game at Selhurst against Liverpool that season as I was at Wembley watching a Michael Jackson concert. The following week we went to Upton Park and proceeded to beat West Ham 3-1. The week after we entertained Millwall at Selhurst. I was convinced that we would win that game too. As we left Upton Park I just couldn't wait for next week. That week went by so, so slowly and in the end I guess it was just as well as we went to lose 3-0 to Millwall and frankly didn't look like doing anything else at any time that afternoon.

Anyway I feel that 'child like' excitement about Charlton again. It's strange as if you'd asked me how I'd have felt two games into the league program in the third division a few years ago I'd have answered with four letter words.

Anyway, all that aside, I am looking forward to this season more than I have for a long time, and this season continues tomorrow at a ground that, until yesterday, I didn't know had been renamed the Matchbox or Matchroom or something else that I don't agree with. I'm all for rich benefactors coming in to rebuild dilapidated stadium, but for goodness sake don't go and rename them - especially if you are going to name them after another sport.

So, to Brisbane Road I'm going tomorrow. Call it what you like Mr Snooker, it's Brisbane Road. It was Brisbane Road when I went there in 1981 and I'm not going to start calling it anything else now. Incidentally, if you were at our 1-1 draw in October 1981 you might remember that the ball came over the crash (hooligan) barriers and a young boy tried to throw it back only to fail to get it over the fence, twice, that was me. It was a little embarrassing, and thankfully after two failed attempts my Dad jumped in and saved the day.

We had a chuckle after the game at how Paul Elliot scored a goal while Derek Hales was 'sitting' on their Goalkeeper. Great memories.

Anyway, I really must get back on subject. I'm going tomorrow night. Frankly there are a lot of us going, so why wouldn't I be there? Sadly I am going to have to miss Saturday's home game with Walsall as I'm going to a wedding. When we were in the Premier League I would never agree to miss a home game to attend a 'social' event, but it does become a little difficult when we are playing in the Third Division. Now I'm really getting anxious about missing it. Thus I'm going to get a quick fix tomorrow night.

I have, again, little knowledge about the opposition, save to say that they were nothing special in this division last season, and should be one of the teams we aim to beat twice before May. Again, despite being there, I would consider a draw to be an acceptable return from the game. From a personal point of view I would prefer to come back from behind to earn the draw than give away a lead, but in actual fact I think we will win again.

I was confident of a 3-0 win against Wycombe, and had Llera not been off for stitches it might have finished like that. I was even more confident of a 2-0 win at Hartlepool, and that was what we got. I don't think we will keep a clean sheet tomorrow night, but I think the final score will be 3-1 to the Addicks. I just can't see how any team in this division is going to be able to stop Racon and Semedo from running the midfield, or Nicky Bailey from scoring goals.

Despite the lack of strength in depth at the back (which must be addressed soon) we have so much ability across the midfield and assuming we can keep that five playing (few injuries and suspensions and no sales) I cannot see us losing many games between now and May.

I don't want to get too far ahead of myself, but this season already looks like it is going to be both successful and highly enjoyable.

I just can't wait for the next game.

Up the Addicks!


StoneMuse said...

Enjoy the game - unfortunately I am working in Frankfurt so will miss the game and will rely on my son for phone text updates.

ChicagoAddick said...

I wish I was there. I am in Chicago but all of my mates are going so I hope to get updates from them. Come on you reds.