Friday, 21 August 2009

Next... Walsall at home

The Orient game was a hard fought win, but a win none the less. It appears that both Leeds and Colchester have won games that they could also have lost, so I don't feel threatened by the fact that we could have three points less.

Walsall have some good memories for me. I watched on tv when we played them in our League Championship season. We finished up winning 4-2, but at no time did we look like doing anything other than winning. We went two goals in front then relaxed. Almost as soon as we conceded a goal we raised out game and scored another one. That was not the only time I have seen us dominate a game, but it is the only specific game that I remember watching thinking that we could score at will, rather like the way Man Utd have played for the last twenty years.

The man of the match that night was Mark Kinsella, who scored two of our goals and ran our midfield, and the game. It was our twelfth league win in a row (a club record) and was probably what confirmed us as Football league Champions that season.

Mark Kinsella went on to play for and Coach Walsall, but as has already been mentioned elsewhere, I doubt that would be of much use to us right now as he left there a while ago.

In terms of the team, formation and result, I am going to assume no change. I expect us to line up the same as the previous three league games and I expect us win this game with relative ease.

I am normally an optimistic chap, but I do tend to be critical and come across as always looking for things to complain about. This makes it difficult for me to have much to say when, like now, things are going so well. With the takeover or not, the lack of strength in depth that we have in certain areas and the possible sale of our crown jewels before the closure of the transfer window, I expect I will soon have plenty to complain about. However, I will attempt follow my mother's advice, "If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all."

My prediction for tomorrow is a 4-1 win. Assuming we get an early goal it could well mean that the floodgates will open. I would go for a 4-0 win, but we have a tendency to be a little relaxed at the back, and we are still a little suspect at set pieces.

With that result I expect that we will improve our goal difference over Leeds who are at home to Tranmere and I have a feeling that Colchester will slip up at MK Dons. This would make us league leaders for the first time since I don't know when. If you know the answer to that question, as I'm sure someone will, maybe you can let me know?

Up the Addicks!

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