Monday, 16 August 2010

Orient 1 - 3 Charlton

As this game was on Friday night, it was on live television and it is now Monday afternoon I think we can assume that if you are reading this you have already had your fill of the game - but as you are here I might has well say a few words.

It's strange how as a race we are all much better at complaining than we are at praising. I have read (don't ask me why) a few books on being a good communicator, business associate, and friend and they all go to great length to tell you to look for positives when interacting with fellow members of the human race.

The reason that the authors tell you this is that you will always be remembered as a 'nice', 'polite', 'friendly' chap if you take the time to say something complementary. By making one feel comfortable (being nice to them) you single yourself out as being unusual, as most people like to bitch and whinge about everything.

The really strange thing about this approach (being nice and positive to people) is that their judgement goes out of the window. This is how blokes that you wouldn't believe any girl would sleep with often end up shagging for England. I'm not talking about being witty and 'smooth' in a pub or night club, I'm talking about being, what many would call excessively, nice and polite.

Anyway, as my income is based on how I relate to my clients and other business associates I have learned to make that special effort. To be honest I don't find it all that hard. I have a great life, I have a nice house, a wonderful family, and I do a job that I both enjoy and leaves me enough time to share my Son's childhood with him.

However, I am as good as the next man (if not significantly better) at bitching, whining and complaining. As already mentioned I tend to avoid that tendency when it comes to business, and as Mrs Kings Hill will not take any shit from me, ever, that only leaves me two outlets. Former colleagues are always happy to join me in a bitching session about our industry. I work in Financial Services, and it has not exactly been the best place in the world to be the last couple of years. The other outlet I have is this blog. I know this blog is relatively new, but it has given me a forum to vent my anger and disappointment since I started in January 2008.

I have joined in on Charlton Life in recent weeks as it is a very informative place to seek (often without asking) the opinions on subjects that I am interested - clearly football and Charlton specifically. However, I fear that my sharp tongue has already started to alienate people, and most of the members are currently finding inspiration (in my view) difficult as things are going rather well in the Charlton Athletic world right now.

So back to Orient away. Well I thought that the first yellow card was probably warranted, all be it not strictly necessary. I'm not sure I would have called for a card had it been the other way around, but on the replay it was clearly a sneaky attempt to control the ball in the hope that it wouldn't be seen. The second yellow was, in my view, very harsh. I watched the game at my Dad's house, so as I was driving home I was not drinking, and despite the remarks from the commentators, I was sure that it was a stretch too far and not worthy of a second yellow.

For the record I do not believe that any referring decision should be made taking into account other factors. If you deserve a red card in the first minute, then you should get one. All this rubbish about not wanting to spoil a game, and it was only one minute in, is bullshit. If the referee is not going to send anyone off for the first ten minutes then let's make a that a rule and the players can go out there and deliberately try to put their opponent out of the game, then when the eleventh minute starts they can all play nicely. Yeah, right!

So the fact that Dailly had been given a yellow card already (one that I can't really disagree with, despite the fact that I do) shouldn't have any bearing on the decision for the second. I mention this as I am not saying it didn't deserve to cause the player to be sent off (although in isolation clearly it didn't) but I believe the second yellow was wrong. I'm guessing the decision was made easier by the fact that the Orient player did a 'Bailey' and looked like he was inches from death.

On the Commentators, I now have a new reason to hate being in the third division. you get third division commentators. They got comments wrong, and they babbled like idiots. I would go as far as to say that it would have been better if they'd just showed the game with the crowd noise and sent the fools home.

Anyway, even after the red card I was confident that we'd give a good account of ourselves. I was gearing up to produce all the usual excuses and positive comments about what we "Could take from the game".

The truth is that with Doherty and Llera at the back they were never going to be able to break us down with high balls into the box. Clearly they didn't know that, and they continued to make it easy for us. On Doherty, it looked like he missed the ball for their goal. My only conclusion was that he must have taken his eye off the ball for a moment and misjudged the lunge. Other than that I have been very impressed with him, and his partnership with our player of the year for last season.

The second goal was a great finish by Wagstaff followed by a couple of wonderful touches by Martin and the goal scorer himself. The third goal was late and on the break but something amazing happened.

For nearly thirty years I have watched successive Charlton players (mostly strikers to be honest) miss chances and fail to be exceptionally predator-like in front of goal, but when Wagstaff lost the defender and the camera zoomed out and I saw Solly running down the middle I knew it was going to be a goal. I didn't wonder if the cross would be too heavy (or too short for that matter), and I just knew that this young right back (who has played as many games at left back) was going to put it away.

In fact, so sure was I that I announced "This is going in" long before Wagstaff crossed. I wouldn't have been more sure had it been Ronaldo crossing for Rooney. I have no idea where that confidence came from, but I have this feeling that we are in for a really, really good season. I just can't wait for the next game. Top vs Second is exciting, but I am just brimming with excitement at the thought of watching us again, against anyone.

One last comment, I was intrigued by the look on Christian Dailly's face as he watched the game from the sidelines. There was what I thought was a mixture of intrigue (in the result I would imagine) and a fatherly concern for the players/team. The more of this man I see the more like him. Also he is the same age as McLeish who did that stupid dance when they scored. I can't for the life of me imagine from their demonstration of professionalism which one of these 36 year old players has racked up in excess of 200 Premier League appearances, 67 full international caps, a Scottish League and Cup Double, another two Scottish Cup winners medals, a Scottish League Cup winners medal, runners up medals in the FA Cup and the UEFA Cup and a Charlton Supporters players of the year award.

I want curly hair too. For those of you that know my appearance you'll be thinking that I'd take any hear going, but this week I'm insisting on curly.

Up the Addicks!

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newyorkaddick said...

KHA, having spent some time living overseas, I find that negativity is a very British trait rather than an inherent part of the human condition. However I think it's rather endearing in a way so long as you avoid the most depressing manisfestations of it, like the Daily Mail.

With regard to your point about Chris Solly, I also just 'knew' that he would score too. He is really a very intelligent footballer but I fear that his versatility and size will see him utilised as a handy substitute rather than a regular first-teamer.