Wednesday, 4 August 2010


(Not Charlton Related)

One of the worst things about getting old is that your body fails to be able to do what it once would. At 39 I suspect I am a long way from a nursing home, but the 'Good Life' of labour saving gadgets, good food and alcohol has probably not helped. Thus I made a decision to sort it all out.

In fairness it has to be said that becoming self employed and working from home has escalated the decline. I last had a 'proper' job in 2005, and since them I have worked from home and rarely need to leave the house. Don't get me wrong I'm hardly a hermit, but you'd be amazed just how much regular exercise you get traveling to and from work.

Since January 2009 I have been in charge of the school run. It only consists of a 13.5 mile journey (by car, obviously), but there and back, twice, takes a chunk out of my day, and there is a bit of walking as parking right outside the school is very difficult. This has helped, but I've still been 'growing' around the waist, and feeling increasingly older as the months go by.

Way back in February Mrs KHA started running. She joined in with an instructor who was organising a club on Kings Hill, where we both live (obviously) and work - there is a big commercial presence here. We tend to do few things together, mainly because she doesn't like me, but also as we have a six year old who, despite being happy on his own, is way to young to be left home alone.

Anyway as the weeks went by she started to lose weight. She claimed that the running reduced her desires for those bad things that we had both become accustomed to. She now drinks a lot less, and has started eating more healthy - apart from the chocolate mountain she consumes each week she doesn't actually have any other consumption vices.

As she lost weight I started to feel bigger than ever. Due to the Mii characters on the Wii console (you'll either know what that is or you won't) I have been "Fat Daddy" for a couple of years already. I have been ok with this, I'm hardly massive, and at six (he was four when we started) there is no shame in my son's eyes. As time passes he will, no doubt be ashamed of a fat Dad, but I think I'm a way off that yet.

Anyway, I decided I needed to do something. I spent much of my late 20s and early 30s doing Martial Arts. This is a good way to keep fit, and it's good fun too. It was interesting enough to keep me motivated while also being a good source of exercise. However, my body has informed me (with a shoulder problem that has now required two operations, amongst other ailments) that I am too old to be kicked, punched and thrown around every week, so I've been exercise free for over two years.

As it was clearly working for Mrs KHA I decided to try running. By coincidence my wife's running instructor was starting a new beginners class. I know you are all thinking that you can't need an instructor to run, but there is a lot more to consider than just running like when we were children.

Thankfully, there was little demand for this particular time slot, I was the only one to join, so I have my own personal trainer for £8 a session.

I've been going now for about six weeks. June 22nd was my first session. I'd be lying if I said I've loved it, but with an audio book on my iPhone and a bit of discipline (not getting carried away and going too fast - don't tell the wife) I'm now doing 5k runs (with the odd minute it two, walking, thrown in) in just under forty minutes. I suspect this is not at all impressive in the grand scheme of things, but I feel as though I am improving, I've lost a little bit of the fat around my waist and I feel fitter and younger.

Clearly this has allowed me license to go out and but a load of cool running clothes (despite they don't look quite as great on a fatty), some new trainers, socks and one of these Nike+ running watches and the thing that goes in your shoes.

I know that both New York Addick and Dave (Drinking During the Game) go running, the latter suggested once that should join him on a run, but I think he was politely agreeing that I needed to lose some weight. I doubt that I am anywhere near their achievements yet, nor will I be able to hold my own to any other readers that take running seriously, but I do intend to expand my blog ever so slightly, so I will post updates periodically just to keep me motivated.

For the record I was 14st 7lb when I started six weeks ago (I'm 5ft 11.5") and I have only lost a few pounds, but apparently muscle weighs more than fat - so Mrs KHA keeps telling. I have, however, reduced my beer and Coke (that's the drink) intake. Strangely I've found it harder to cut back on the soft drink than the Budweiser, but I keep telling myself "Small steps". I've managed to record over 50k on my Nike+ account - and for those that will understand this I've, therefore, just moved from yellow to orange. Hurrah!

Onwards and Upwards.

Up the Addicks!


ChicagoAddick said...

Great post. I am also a fat Daddy.

Since I tore my ACL I have done no exercise at all, and these days I don't walk anywhere either.

I hate running but I am coming around to the idea and 2011 is a year to get fit for me. There is a danger I won't or can't play football or tennis again after surgery but these alone didn't cut it, so I think running, cycling and I might throw in some yoga are the way to go. Remind me I said this when you next see me.

By the way my ex goes running on Kings Hill - she will be the one with the running gear on, the Nike+ watch and a bloody big frying pan!

Also, I am pleased that you are expanding your blog - good stuff. I look forward to it.

Hungry Ted said...

Good post. I love running! I'm like Forest Gump...I can just stick on a pair of trainers and I'm off! Thankfully for me, I don't need to loose weight, but choose to run for the solitude and to keep things ticking over in my head.

Good luck going forward...!

New York Addick said...

Just got back from doing 64 laps of the athletics track, and then I read your blog! (am marathon training to be fair - see my next post).

Well done for giving running a go - I don't know how I'd live without it - it is beneficial on so many levels (mental and physical).

ChicagoAddick said...

The beauty of working from home I suspect KH is that I suspect you don't have to do team outings on boats in your swimwear.

Cue Fat Daddy with a dodgy knee in my CAFC speedo on Friday with my slim team mates!