Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Charlton 2 - 1 Bolton

As Greavsie used to say, "It's a funny old game Saint!" In fact, he probably never, actually, said it himself. It has become one of those catch phrases that has stuck from a time that football was real and not some over hyped product from Sky TV with real people playing, opposed to spoiled millionaires that could retire when they sign their first contract at seventeen.

Anyhow, if ever there was a game that fit Greavsie's catch phrase this was it. For the first half an hour (28 minutes to be precise) we were, clearly, second best then, somewhat, against the run of play we scored a goal from our first shot on target. A good goal, to be sure, but we were not worth the lead at that point. It seemed to lift us and we started to play with more confidence. We even looked like we were dominating play before the half time whistle came.

Into the second half and nothing much had happened - I would suggest that both sides were settling down hoping to not concede early - when we broke down the right and an inch perfect cross to, of all people, Johnnie Jackson and I would have bet my house on him scoring. He did and suddenly the game looked comfortable. It never looks won until the final whistle, for me, but I was confident that if we could just hold on for five or ten minutes we would be able to close out a team that came to The Valley with one win in five, and that being against Manager-less Birmingham, all be it it was their last game, and the first of their new manager's reign.

The lead lasted three minutes. I can't say Bolton didn't deserve anything based on their first half performance. I also have to concede that we seemed to drop back and panic defend to get to that five or ten minute point. A cracking shot from outside the box was put into the corner by Moxey, and suddenly we have more than half an hour of panic!

We did hold on, but I would say that we reverted to the 'defend at all costs' approach that we have seen a lot of this season. I can't quite get my head around the fact that we seem to be able to score for fun when we try to, but we tend to spend more time trying not to concede. I'm sure Bob knows what he is doing but if we were to spend more time attacking with purpose we might, not only, score more but concede less, but what do I know?

All in all a very successful day and a more than satisfactory outcome. Something that I have been experiencing a lot recently.

On a personal note I discovered last Wednesday that my son passed the Kent Test (formally known as the Eleven Plus) and due to a completely random set of circumstances, that were completely out of our control, is virtually guaranteed a place in Maidstone Grammar School which was our preference due in part to the school and it's grand history and traditions and also because it is the closest school (of any type) to our new home.

This great bit of news, coupled with a smooth house move and better than expected progress with unpacking and settling back into the house that we last lived in back in 2007 has managed to distract me, sufficiently, from what's been going on at Charlton. Tonight, however, was a great way to remind me that all the while life goes on and we all grow up and change homes, relationships, schools and jobs their is always a constant that keeps us anchored. For me that is football and Charlton in particular.

This season my son has started coming to Charlton regularly, he even gets excited about going. He plays football with friends at school now, something that he's never done before, and he comes home and asks me to play in the garden with him. This is something that I always wanted him to do and even though it took ten years to get there, we are developing a mutual hobby bond that I have always had with my Dad that makes me think that he will, also, have something that defines him all the way through his life. In truth, it doesn't matter which team you support, being a football fan is a life long relationship and very rewarding, and heart breaking in, not always equal, measures.

Tonight was very rewarding and a win in the televised game on Friday evening, before we fly off to Tenerife on Sunday, against Fulham (who I, particularly, dislike) would just make my week. Sadly I know that Charlton can't be relied upon to do that so I'll just bask in the knowledge that with this win tonight we have managed to stay unbeaten this season, at home, until November, at least, and for a total in excess of six months - in all competitions!

If you'd offered me that when we came off the pitch in the early Spring after losing 3-1 at home to Blackburn being two points off third from bottom with one Saturday of the season left, I would have ripped your arm off.

Up the Addicks!

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Phil said...

KHA, glad things are going well for you and your lad especially his most important education......the football one ! A lifetime of fun and frustration supporting the Addicks. Whatever it is, it is never dull !