Thursday, 9 October 2014

The End of an Era

I started this blog in January 2008 four months after I moved back to Kings Hill after living in a couple of properties my wife and I rented after selling our first property on the old airport, eighteen months before. Kings Hill is a lovely development, it has grown over time and take out those that only live here because they think it makes people's perceptions of them different, it is populated by nice people. Until recently it was mostly families - due to the size, and type, of the properties that were built when the development was started. Recently the developers have been building flats as single people and childless couples have wanted to live here. I imagine some of that will be divorced parents and the children of the initial families that moved in here.

Despite being very happy on Kings Hill tomorrow I am moving off the development. My son still has another year in the school here so I will be coming back here every day until July next year, but I will not live here.

This brings into question this blog, or rather, it's name. Let's ignore, for a moment, the fact that I've been as good as retired as far as writing the blog is concerned. I'm moving to an old cottage on the outskirts of Maidstone. For those that know the area it used to be in a parish called Bearsted, but due to changes in the boundaries it is now in the Parish of Maidstone.

Maidstone Addick doesn't appeal to me due to the fact that it's a big town, besides I'm sure I've seen posts from a Maidstone Addick on Charlton Life. Bearsted Addick would be an alternative, but as the cottage isn't, technically, in Bearsted it would be incorrect.

If we assume that I intend to come back to blogging at some point, which I believe will be the case, and on the basis that I would prefer to have all my Charlton ramblings in the same place I'm tempted to keep this blog open and make my moniker even less indicative as to who I am, in reality, by continuing to write under the name Kings Hill Addick.

I have a couple of weeks of unpacking and 'putting away' ahead of me then my son and I are off to Tenerife for half term, but I will look to get back into updating this blog more regularly towards the end of the year. With the team performing so well and with the new owners looking like they really do know how to run a football team this is a good time to be a Charlton fan. It should, also, be a good time to be a Charlton Blogger.

The last year has been a challenge. Many of you will know that my wife and I separated last summer and I've been living with my son (who sees his Mum very infrequently - her choice, not mine) and with him taking the eleven plus exam this September I have had little free time to waffle on about Charlton, and have always felt that anything I do that is not, potentially, helping my son with his exam would leave me with guilt if he didn't pass. Note I'm avoiding to use the word fail. With that part of our lives behind us I anticipate that I will have more time, again.

I won't make any promises, not that any of you are, exactly, waiting with baited breath, but all being well I will be back spouting my drivel once I've finished sunning myself in the Canary Islands.

Up the Addicks!


Anonymous said...

Good luck with the move KHA, and with your sons 11+ exam. I think Chicago Addict had a similar problem with monicker after he moved to Bermuda...I think he made the right choice to stick with his name, even though he only goes back to Chicago every now and then. Even New York Addict lives in Berks now! So stay with KHA and we know who you are; it's what you say/write that counts, not your name or location! COYA! Pedro45

Anonymous said...

All the best mate

Geoff said...

Good luck in the new abode to you and your boy, and look forward to a revived blog. It's an interesting time at the only club worth following.


Hungry Ted said...

I hope you keep 'Kings Hill Addick'. The name is the recognizable part, the finer details of the names origin are irrelevant to some degree, after all, I'm not really called Ted and I'm able to contain my hunger with a good, steady diet (although I can always find room for food at any time).

I was pleased that Kyle kept his 'Chris Powell's Flat Cap' name in place once the great man left and as far as I'm aware, Chicago Addick lives in Bermuda.

I also make an assumption Dr. Kish isn't really a doctor...

Good luck with the move...

Anonymous said...

what a self indulgent bore

Scoops said...

Good luck with it all. Life has a habit of interrupting important things like CAFC. (Believe me I know).

I'll look forward to your return to the blog, when Charlton are still unbeaten and somewhere very close to the top two.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the new home and 11 plus KHA - and I will look forward to your return - used to enjoy reading your thoughts!

Pembury Addick

Ketts said...

Good luck wih the move KHA & good luck to your son with his exam. Enjoy the break & we look forward to hearing your thoughts more regularly in the near future. Take care mate.

Anonymous said...

You will always be KHA. Keep it at that but even if you change it you will always be KHA and will be loved just as much. Good luck with the move and the exams. Keep your head up. Your dedication and sacrifices for your son's education make you a hero in my book so blog or no blog you have my respect.


ChicagoAddick said...

Good to hear you are moving on mate. Beasted (it will always be that to me) is a lovely little area with the benefits of a big town nearby.

As Pedro said I thought long and hard about my Blog/Online identity when I moved but am pleased that I kept it.

I look forward to your return to regular blogging and hope to catch up soon for a pint.

Remind when the 11+ results come out? It's soon isn't it?

Have a great holiday.