Tuesday, 29 March 2011

An audience with Chris Powell

I have been to a few meetings over the years with club officials. I've seen Richard Murray speak several times and went to the Slater/Powell meeting at The Valley earlier this year. These meetings are always interesting, and you often get an idea of the thoughts behind those running the club.

The manager is a different proposition all together. You get much more insight into the thoughts of those making the footballing decisions, and you often learn a few things about players that you didn't know and this can often change your perspective on things.

I went along to Bromley Supporters Club last year to hear Parkinson speak and he was a revelation. He was very, very open and my view of him. both as a manager and a man, changed.

Sadly he was not able to complete what he started at Charlton, and this is not the time nor the place to debate that. However his replacement is going to following into the cauldron that is the Bromley Supporter's Club.

The following was posted on Charlton Life by Henry Irving:

"This will be members only.

If you aren't a member or just too tight to pay up like Rothko : - ) you can pay on the night. Your membership will cover you for the 2011/12 season.

£5 adults, £3 Seniors and free to students in full time education.

Money left after costs goes back to the Football Club in some form or another anyway such as shirt sponsorship, Valley Gold or Sponsoring the U15s tracksuits.

Usual venue.

Bickley and Widmore WM Club
Tylney Road

8.00 pm start

People will moan that "no one will ask him a difficult question" or say after the event that "Why didn't anyone ask blah, blah, blah." Well come along and ask the question yourself. It's only £5 and it's only in Bromley.

Those that have been to the meetings before will tell you that the difficult questions ARE asked and answered.
No pre-set questions, no vetting. You just stick your hand up and ask.

They'll be the usual raffle for a signed Charlton shirt and the bar is open.
There will be plenty of opportunity for photos and autographs if you want.
See you all there."

I haven't edited what he wrote, and I doubt that there are many reading this that do not pop onto Charlton Life from time to time so you probably already know, but just in case you didn't....

Up the Addicks!

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