Friday, 18 March 2011

Next... Chelsea v Man City

This weekend I'm being saved from watching us lose again. With our season over, save for a flirt with relegation that I predict early in April, there is no real interest in our result, not now.

So, I was delighted when I was offered a ticket for the Chelsea v Man City game that is on Sky on Sunday. I am a little indifferent as to who wins if I'm honest, but as I'm going with a Chelsea fan who is supplying the ticket, and as we are in the home section I will be a Chelsea fan for two hours.

Make no mistake I will not defect on a permanent basis, but I am really looking forward to seeing some decent football and not feeling embarrassed by the result. The truth is that of all the teams in the current third division Dagenham and Redbridge are probably the team that it would be most embarrassing to lose to. With us only drawing against them at home I can see this being a season to not remember between the two sides for all Chalton fans.

Anyway, I will not be there, and I will probably not bother listening to the commentary, and I have today cancelled my current subscription to CAFC Player as there is going to be little to see or hear on there of any interest from now until August. That will save me £15.96, which I can spend on a few pints and a burger at Stanford Bridge.

I don't intend to do a match preview, as I doubt there are any Chelsea or Man City fans reading this, save for my last boss who is taking me, but I guess he will hear enough of my drivel on Sunday.

To those that are going to Dagenham and Redbridge I salute you. I just don't have it in me any more this season.

Blue is the colour...

Up the Addicks!


Dave said...

KHA - £15.96? going by my last visit, I am guessing you will get a burger and a pint but might not have enough for two pints! I spent my boyhood at Stamford bridge when they had real fans.

Kings Hill Addick said...


That's what the chap I'm going with did. He went a lot in the 70s and 80s but doesn't go all that much now, since the Glory Boys started going.

I'm really looking forward to it. It's worrying to be honest.

Anonymous said...

You're in the same league as Dagenham, you're in the same league as Dagenham ...

Kings Hill Addick said...

Yes we are, yes we are.

Thanks ever so much for pointing that out.

However, if you really wanted to have a pop you should, probably, have mentioned that they beat us on Saturday.

Also, while I'm being pedantic, The whole Football League is in the same league as Dagenham. Charlton are, this season, in the same division as Dagenham.

Thus, I have to conclude that you are, in actual fact, seriously inadequate at throwing insults, and obviously have some insecurities about your worth as you feel the need to say things twice.

But hey, thanks, ever so much, for popping by and pointing out the obvious. Please feel free to come again.

Luv and Stuff