Thursday, 3 March 2011

Next... Tranmere at home

I decided to wait until today before posting anything as I wanted to avoid being too emotional.

Strangely, I wasn't angry. I went to the game with an old friend of mine, and we had a good laugh. We used to work together and don't see each other very often now, so we could have done anything and we would have enjoyed each other's company. Just as well really.

That was (when taken into context of what has gone before) the most rubbish football game I have attended. There were goals, we scored one, we weren't really taken apart and in the end we only lost by two goals. That said it was cold, we played rubbish, and when all's said and done we have managed to lose four games in a row in the 3rd division. Between the 4th and the 18th of April 1981 we lost four games, and went on to finish third. That statistic is the only thing that stops this the worst run since I started going to Charlton, but it does equal it. However, we didn't concede three goals at home in that whole season, in fact you have to go back to March 1926 for the last time we conceded three goals in back to hack home games in this division, and we drew one of those 3-3. In all fairness we did draw the last home game of 1972-73 3-3 before losing the first game of the new season 4-2 at The Valley, but you get my point.

It is just rubbish. This must surely be the worst position the club has been in since I started going in 1981, and taking into account all other factors (our recent past, the fact that in the 1920s we were a young Football League club, the current set-up, expectations and running costs) this must be the worst state of affairs.

In fact, I can't ever remember deciding to avoid a league game on a Saturday. I've passed on a couple of FA Cup games against lower league opposition over the years, but not a league game. I've had a season ticket since 1989, and have missed just a couple of games since then (when I had a heart valve transplant) but after Tuesday night I decided that I would find something else to do on Saturday. Remember that I don't even have to pay for the ticket - or, rather, I've already paid for it.

I thought that by now I would have changed my mind. I thought that I would have accepted the inevitable, and that is that I always go, irrespective. However, my resolve seems to have hardened. It's not as though I have a family wedding, or the like, to go to, I have, obviously, kept the day free as I always go to the games. No, I have come to the conclusion that even with an already paid for ticket I would rather stay home and sit on the sofa or be marched 'round Bluewater with Mrs, and Junior, KHA than go to the Valley on Saturday.

I have to confess that a lot of this is that my Dad is away, and when I go with him, rather like Tuesday night with my friend, the game is a social event and well worth the dross that I have seen.

It is only Thursday, and I may well change my mind between now and Saturday afternoon, but right now I don't want to go; I don't care if we win, lose or draw; I don't even think I'll bother looking at the scores until after the final whistle.

If this is what we can expect then I'll probably be reviewing my season ticket renewal this season. My Dad goes away for a large part of the winter, and misses at least six games a season - it's normally nearer ten. With the 'promotional' days where the tickets are cheap, the games on TV and the cold evening games that we might both choose to miss I am confident the season ticket will cost more than paying as we go. This and the fact that unless something drastic changes we will be averaging close to half the capacity next season I am hardly going to struggle to sit where I want to - I might even like to move around the ground like my Dad used to do in the 50s, 60s and 70s.

Again, I have plenty of time to change my mind on this, and even if I do pay as I go, I will probably get another season ticket if/when the club starts playing better and/or wins promotion. Having said that I'm not sure we sold all the available season tickets back in the Premier League days, so I doubt I'll miss out altogether.

I am not going to review the game here, if you were there you saw it, and if you didn't you are better off in ignorance.

I hate Tranmere and, under normal circumstances, would love us to beat them, but right now, I really don't care.

Something needs to change, and soon.

Up the Addicks!


Kim Lewis said...

Another excellent post by KHA and sums it all up really.

I will be there on Saturday, but it's getting more difficult by the week to sit and watch the dross that is being served to us

The "pick and choose" match style seems tempting for 2011/12, but know doubt I will renew my season ticket, perhaps I'm just an old sentimental fool who lives in hope that we can only get better!

Billericay Dickie said...

Kings Hill Addick
Your post sums up my feelings as well. I have only missed a handful of games over the past 40+ years but the park football that we are forced to sit through week after week has finally worn me down and I don't think that I can take much more

For the first time in memory I have decided not to bother and I have made alternative arrangements for Saturday afternoon. Like you unless things improve I will seriously consider renewing two season tickets for next season.

Araminta Twittin said...

Just read your Tranmere hate blog (2008) - brilliant stuff! I'd love to be able to justify my intense dislike of Norwich and Leeds in such a reasonable and articulate way, but I can't, I just hate them!

Hungry Ted said...

You're a better man than me for having the resolve to decide not to attend a game whilst holding a season ticket. It is certainly true that there is very little incentive to go to watch Charlton at the moment.

I'm gutted that you - and others like you - feel that way as one of the things that I find hardest to accept is the falling attendances.

Matt Of Addick said...

Keep the faith KHA, it's at these low times that the club needs our support the most. Tuesday was a miserable night but getting a win on Saturday could be just the tonic you, and me and CAFC supporters everywhere need.

Anonymous said...

I was one of the 3,001 that saw us play Halifax at The Valley in the 3rd div back in the 70's .
I will probably go on Saturday because I can't stand shopping or watching Sky Sports waiting for the result , but I fear a return to the Halifax type crowds.
I have been going for 45 years and this is the worst team we have ever had and I can think of some terible teams , including people like Barry Endean, Dietmar Bruck , Maurice Setters , the list goes on
however , I think the Frenchman who throws his gloves down when he's given a goal away would rank in my worst 11 of all these years

Dave said...

KHA - If a pint beforehand and a mate to suffer through the game (East Stand) helps, let me know. Dave (DDTG).

Richard said...

In the cold light of Sunday your post seems more apt than ever.
It is a difficult dilemma that we all face. On the one hand CAFC is our 'tribe' and I feel a certain duty to attend and support them. On the other, watching us not perform is a thoroughly depressing experience. Why would anyone put themselves through that.
There is some truth in the old adage that to experience the highs you have to live through the lows - but it is becoming harder and harder.