Monday, 10 March 2008

Next... Burnley away

Having already put Saturday's debacle behind me I'm feeling upbeat about this game.

It's a six pointer, it's against a team that is going to come out and try to beat us, and we have their top scorer in our team.

How can we possibly lose this one?

I would like to think that we will start with the following team:

Moo2 (sorry I'm fed up and finished with checking the spelling of his name every time I need to refer to him)
Thatcher (ok I won't be angry with Youga)
Varney (on the right)
Holland (possibly give him a rest and play Ambrose)
ZZ (possibly give him a rest and play Ambrose)
Big Chris

I know that line up has been unpopular, but it gets results and that's exactly what we need right now.

The loan players (the new ones) and Gray should be restricted to a few cameo appearances and no more than two at a time maximum between now and the end of the season. I would like to see Gray get a run out at his former club, but right now I think we need the 4-5-1 with Big Chris up front on his own. I really couldn't care less what it looks like to watch it. Despite the fact that Chicago Addick may well be there before he goes back 'home' (Sorry CA) I just want three points. End of.

They can lamp the ball up the field all evening if they like as long as they win. Clearly the likelihood is that they will not win if they don't play nice passing football, but if it takes ten men behind the ball for 90 minutes with one break away goal securing a 1-0 win then I'm all for it.

After Saturday the team need a lift, and it's strange how a rubbish game with no real quality but a win can boost confidence. I won't be there, and from what I read nor will many other Charlton fans. Maybe this will reduce some of the pressure on the poor shy players that feel adversely affected when the 25,000 paying fans expect them to earn the thousands of pounds they get paid each week. If not, it will, at least, mean that Pardew will have to find someone (or something) else to blame if we lose. Or he could re-use the "Wind" "Pitch" "Sound from the stand behind the goal" "Referee not being strong enough". Or, of course, he could just single out players that he signed that are not good enough or had an off day.

I've just read that last paragraph back and it might have been a little harsh on Pardew and the players. I may have vented my disappointment in the wrong way. If I have offended anyone then I promise that I will make it up by showing excessively lavish praise next time we play "triffik" at The Valley, as I'm sure to be there singing and shouting support for the whole game irrespective as to the performance or result.

I think in general I am excessively supportive of the players. Often I defend them like I would a friend or family member, even when I know they were in the wrong. They are my team, my players and my team's manager. However, I do find it a little bit upsetting when suggestions are made that it's my fault when we lose. I am way too old to play professional football, and I was always rubbish anyway, but as I am not playing, picking the team or arranging the transfers I refuse to be held accountable for results.

Anyway I'm sure that we have seen the last performance of that ilk this season, and I will be writing blog after blog raving about how well we've played, starting with Burnley on Tuesday night. Burnley gave us a real hammering back in December, and at a time when we were really playing well. Sheffield United aside, it came on the back of four straight wins. It was also followed by back to back wins, so they were no pushovers. However, we have signed their best player (well highest goal scorer) and he can't even get into our side.

I think the real difference Tuesday evening will be that Burnley will come out to win the game and that is when the 4-5-1 is most effective. I would probably not be devastated, under normal circumstances, with a 0-0 away to a team chasing the pack, but right now we have three teams that only need to win their games in hand (all be it Wolves have to win two) to go above us, so we need three points.

As said previously I believe that a late run to 'steal' a play off place is the best way to enter the season extension, but right now, for my nerves I would like to see us carve out a bit of a lead over some of the pack chasing that lottery ticket.

I'll be here ready and waiting with a whole thesaurus of words of praise.

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