Friday, 28 March 2008

Next... Wolves at home

Can't say I have too many memories of Wolves personally. I had my car written off there when we played them in 1992 by a local who ran a red light, but that's about it.

The next most memorable Wolves encounter was when we won there 4-0. Memorably for the continuous re-runs of Scott Parker throwing himself to the ground when he received his red card. Soccer AM just loved that.

I would love another 4-0 tomorrow. Frankly I would love a 1-0 tomorrow, but I am just going along to enjoy the game and hope that we see some decent football and a few goals. Under the circumstances I'm going to ditch my obsession with clean sheets and defensive organisation and wish for lots of goals, with us scoring at least one more than they do.

I actually have a feeling that we will win tomorrow. I know that we are under pressure, but for some reason I just have this feeling that we will play with freedom, confidence, and style. Don't ask me why, but I really believe it. No doubt I'll be wearing egg all over my face by tomorrow evening, but I just have this funny feeling that all is going to change in the house of Charlton Athletic.

As for the line up, I have no idea. Pardew does seem to want to keep the changes to a minimum, but I can honestly say that I would not be shocked if my Dad called me in the morning to ask me to make my own way there as Pardew wanted him to start. Ok I would be surprised, and I would suddenly, sorry Dad, have to curb my optimism for a stylish win. No disrespect, but he's sixty-five and if he ever had pace it is well and truly gone.

As you can see I've gone through so many emotions this season that madness is now creeping in. Maybe that's why I suddenly believe that we are going to win our next five games. It's just insane, but I truly believe that it is going to happen.

Anyway me personally, I'm still just going along to enjoy the football match. What ever the consequences will be, will be. I'm just looking forward to watching the boys in red play those in that dirty rusty colour that is clearly not gold. If ever there were a club that thought it was bigger than it was, step forward Wolverhampton Wanderers in their gold shirts.

As already mentioned I am more likely to pick the six winning lottery numbers than accurately predict the starting eleven and it's formation tomorrow so I'll not bother. My preference would be for some pace upfront. Not just because I think it would be more likely to bring us success (even though I do) but because I like to see football played with wingers (and overlapping full backs) and pace upfront. I like to see the players get to the byline and cross the ball over. I also like to see balls over the top for strikers to chase. That is how I think football should be played, so if we are not going to win every game (and let's face it we haven't exactly won that many this season) let's play some nice attractive football.

We might even win a few games and have some fun along the way.

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