Sunday, 11 January 2009

Charlton 0 - 2 Forest

I really thought we wouldn't lose this game. I thought a draw was the most likely outcome, but I never thought we would be made to look so inadequate.

Despite being the better side for the first half hour I don't think we ever actually looked like doing anything other than losing. I, sadly, also believe that we will not see a change in fortunes until there is a change of manager.

I understand the reasons for the sham that was Phil Parkinson's appointment, and I cannot make a good case for changing him now, but I think we have no chance at all of avoiding relegation without a manager that has a lot more 'ability'.

I was impressed with what I read about Spring, and Murty did every bit as well as I'd expected (and hoped), but that aside we signed Keith Gillespie who didn't want to stay, and Deon Burton. I find it worrying that after signing a striker to add to the £3m we have spent on strikers since relegation (I'm not counting Luke Varney's £2m) and having a total of five plus Waghorn Parkinson thinks we need a new striker. Andy Gray scored goals for Burnley last season and if he's not the answer then I think we need to be looking at other options than signing another one.

Burton has only just signed. If he'd not good enough then why did we sign him? He's not even a loan player any more. One of Pardew's worst failings was that when things didn't seem to work out he signed more players. It is beginning to look like that is Parkinson's only tactic too.

I'm also very concerned with the way the manager singles out players for public criticism. If he were my boss I would now be determined to do everything I can to see him fail. I have no problem with being hard on players (staff), but slagging them off to the press is just not going to work.

All the time we have such inadequate tactical and motivational skills controlling the playing staff we are going to need to have a much, much better team than the opposition to win games. It's a bit like the opposite to punching above your weight. Sadly there do not seem to be any teams poor enough in this division for us to win when without a better management setup.

I am determined to do everything I can to help us get out of this rut, but I can honestly say I have never been as inclined to stop going to watch Charlton as I feel right now. The whole match day experience has become the least enjoyable part of my week, and this is supposed to be something I look forward to. It's what I do in my 'leisure' time. If I didn't go with my Dad I wouldn't be going again this season, and if I didn't have a season ticket I would be missing half of those games left and suggesting that my Dad and I do something else together for a few months. I never, ever thought I'd be thinking like that.

I've decided that I will not be renewing my season ticket in the spring. I don't think the club will go bust, so I am not doing it to prevent having a worthless ticket, I just don't want to feel any obligation to go any more. I will still go to games, but even if we stay in the Championship I will be limiting my visits to The Valley next season, and if we play like we have this season I will probably hardly go at all.

I have little to add to the match reports that have already been written, and you could probably just cut and paste my reports from most of the last ten games anyway. We had everything except a result - the only thing that matters.

To cap it all Phil Parkinson says "The fans care but no-one cares more than me and the players;"

How dare he? I have been following this team's fortunes since I was ten. With the exception of family Charlton has been the most important thing in my life for twenty-seven years. He has been at the club for less than two. All he cares about is where he is going to be working when the board eventually sack him - which cannot come soon enough for me.

Sorry to be so negative, but it wasn't that long ago that we beat Liverpool, the then European Cup holders. Now we need at least three games to get out of the relegation zone, and we have only won four all season.


Chicago Addick said...

Powerful stuff KH.

And I wrote something similar on my blog about Parky. I'm hoping he was misquoted, otherwise he needs to explain himself.

Anonymous said...

What I find tough KHA is taking my seven year old. If I go on my own or with mates thats my choice and I'm mentally tough enough to take it - I think...

But it seems like I've passed on some inherited disease!

The FA coaching manuals speak about football helping kids cope with failure - I think my son has learnt that lesson well enough thank you!

Mind you he wore his new Charlton shirt for the first time yesterday and was chuffed. Even talked about getting another new one next xmas. And I'm taking him and mate in the Covered End for the Plymouth game (we might win that one) as close to the drummer as I can, if there are any non season ticket holder places left.
This could of course be his English language lesson...

Pembury Addick

Anonymous said...

To be very blunt, I don't think you have a clue what you are talking about. You make a series of strong statements without substantiating any of them. You are, of course, entitled to your opinion about Phil Parkinson, but at least from my perspective it lacks a degree analytical rigour. And that is putting it mildly. My apologies for being so direct. My only "excuse" is that I was also very disappointed yesterday and my own reaction is that simply lashing out doesn't help. As far as Parkinson's comment is concerned, what do you expect him to say? Don't be so pompous!!

Chicago Addick said...

Pompous? Explain that to the men and women at the training ground or at Harvey Gardens who will lose their jobs in the summer because of players and a manager who have a) no talent and b) not the slightest bit of care in the world about the damage they are doing to the club because they will 'earn' their money whatever but then bang on about how they care more than the fans. What bollocks.

charlton north-downs said...

There are some supporters who's whole life revolves around Charlton and they follow them home and away at great expense and for those supporters I have the utmost most sympathy. Pembury you are lucky to have a son who supports a team like Charlton and is willing to support them through the difficult times-good on-yu mate.

Anonymous said...

Well said KHA. Pompous, you're certainly not, you're just speaking from your heart. My Dad first took me to The Valley in 1965as a 7 year old and there never has and never will be another Club for me. My own son has been going with me to The Valley (as a season ticket holder for over 14 years) and there is no other Club for him either.

It is just so dis-heartening to see so many show such a lack of desire to do your best for a whole90 minutes. My son sits there now at age 19 as a quality striker from his Sunday League football days and despairs at the dross we put up front week in week out. Why not give "youth" a chance, we don't need the likes of Deon Burton.

Yes, you do require "experienced" players, of which we seem to have more than our fair share,but this must be balanced with youth.

All this tinkeing with the squad has achieved zilch, let's go back to basics and start all over again.

Anonymous said...

I am a positive person but I am now expecting nothing other than relegation - and there is no evidence to me that the players think any different.

I was sceptical about Murty coming to gain his fitness but he did seem to care and played pretty well. Unfortunately we have no bounce back ability and until that changes we have no hope whatsover.

And I am a positive person!....