Saturday, 3 January 2009

Charlton 1 - 1 Norwich

Well at least we didn't lose!

So that's 17 games without a win. Not that I'm counting, you understand.

That aside, and I am determined not to keep bringing it up, we played as well as I remember since Pardew left - for the first hour at least.

Jonjo Shelvey became the youngest goal scorer for Charlton, and he scored a great goal from a very impressive move. It is difficult to believe that this lad is only sixteen. His enthusiasm looks like a teenager, but his ability is unquestionable, and the maturity he shows when making passes and runs is unbelievable. I cannot express just how good I think this young man is going to become. I cannot wait for the news that he has reached an old enough age and signed a permanent contract.

We controlled the game, and we never looked like being any real trouble, then after about 70 minutes I remarked to my Dad that we'd looked really tired for about ten minutes. We still hadn't looked like we were going to let a goal in, but we looked like we'd lost half a yard, and Norwich had been encouraged by it.

Then they scored. It didn't look like it had been coming for ages - in fact it didn't look like they were going to score if we'd played all day, but the hard earned lead was gone.

There was a five minute spell after their goal where Norwich looked like they had the bit between their teeth, but they failed to go near then we re-took control again. With fifteen minutes to go Burton was taken off for Youga and Bouazza went upfront. Five minutes later Dickson came on for possibly his last appearance for Charlton in place of the impressive Shelvey. Both Burton and Shelvey had slowed down, and that may have been a contributing factor to us looking tired.

On the whole I think we gave a very good account of ourselves. I know Norwich are not the best side in this division, and neither side are anywhere near as bothered about the FA Cup as they are about avoiding relegation. Despite this I think there were many positives to take away from the game.

The truth, however, is that we have played another of the dross teams in this division and failed to win. This all becomes water under the bridge now, and the big test is next Saturday against Forrest who have a new manager and literally wiped the backside of the richest team in the world this afternoon. Robhino didn't play, and I'm not well enough informed to comment if City are taking the FA Cup seriously this season, but either way the omens don't look good.

Anyway at least we are in the forth round draw.

Up the Addicks!

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