Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Next... Norwich away

I've had a couple of days to unwind a bit following our defeat to Forest, and despite the fact that I am still not happy with the current state of affairs (unsurprisingly), I am a lot less angry than I was.

One thing that I forgot in all my excitement on Sunday was to mention the minutes applause. This is the second time we have done this, and despite the fact that I didn't know (personally) any of the names on the list on either occasion it still brought a lump to my throat. I don't quite know how the actual format of the process came about, but for the record it is, for me, the most... I can't find the right word. Let's just say that even though I don't actually look forward to it, I think it is probably the best idea (again not really the word I'm looking for) that the club has come up with in the 27 years I've been going.

In a strange way I find it reassuring that my name will appear on that screen (hopefully it's fifth or sixth replacement) one day. Hopefully with my son and his children clapping.

It is after a period of reflection that one analyses why one does things. At Charlton I enjoy many hours with my Dad. I also feel like I'm part of something. I know the people I sit with (although only from sitting with them for over ten years) and I am proud to be part of the football watching community, especially a Charlton supporter.

That doesn't mean that I am happy with the current state of affairs on the pitch, but I am proud to be a member of the Charlton Community. I mention this because I take little interest in much of the community work, but am aware of it. I believe that the one thing that joins us is our membership of our respective groups. I think that the minutes applause guarantees one last opportunity for all of us to celebrate the membership of people that clearly are no longer with us.

I think I have gone on about this enough now, but I guess you understand how I feel.

On a slightly separate note regarding the community activities, I see that Charlton Athletic Charitable Trust has made a joint application to Tonbridge and Malling council for planning permission to build some football pitches - and some other facilities on Kings Hill. This is great news for me as it reaffirms the club's intention to have a presence on the estate which will make it all the easier to incentivize my son to follow his Dad's footsteps. Let's face it, he is not going to be attracted by the football alone is he?

On the subject of sons and the Charlton community Welcome to New York Addick's new son Cameron. Something tells me I will never catch him running around Kings Hill in a Man Utd shirt.

So, on to tonight's game at Norwich. I have to confess that with the 4th round draw being likely to be one we can't win I have little interest in the result. Clearly I'd much prefer for us to win, but if we lose (on penalties even) I will be neither surprised nor disappointed.

With Semedo out injured for two months that inflicts a severe blow to our chances of staying up. I would even go as far as to say that we might have done better on Saturday had be lasted the 90 minutes.

McEverly going back is another blow. Not for tonight clearly, but for the run in.

I will, no doubt, become more interested in the game tonight as it draws nearer, and clearly a win would be a shot in the arm, but let's face it we are not going to win the FA Cup and I cannot see us winning at Sheff Utd, who I'm sure will beat Orient.

But you never know.

Up the Addicks!


Daggs said...

I struggle to see us getting a win tonight or indeed ever! But cling on to the thought that somewhere, somehow, someday a bit of luck will come our way.

Kings Hill Addick said...

It must happen in the end mustn't it Daggs?

newyorkaddick said...

Thanks KHA - you're right, over my dead body....

Daggs said...

I've been listening to the commentary. I can't believe it! we've won!
I'm all tired and emotional, over a poxy cup game.


Anonymous said...

Yeeee Haaaa!

me too Daggs!

Pembury Addick

Kings Hill Addick said...


It's a strange feeling. It feels like we've won the whole FA Cup.

Bring on Wednesday!

Or do I mean bring on Saturday?

Or bring on Wednesday on Saturday?

Up The Addicks!